Online account placement and multiple analytical reports -- only one click away 

for monitoring the work done on your behalf
​ Clients at Virtual offices have access 24/7 collector activity and all notes on the files.
You can also update information or
even report payments.

Willing to accept any account regardless of size, age (within statue), or location.Collected funds are sent directly to your office. - On the 15th of the month following collection, funds are sent to you, not your client. This is where you take your additional fee of course.
Call us at 1-888-814-DCRS or to email us 

Become a preferred Collection Agency

Collect uncollectable accounts via LEGAL ACCESS.

Account placement with our EXCLUSIVE Contingent Collection Law Firm.    

Account has failed to pay at your agency - place it with DCRS.

Proven collection track record from the Law Firm Collectors =  additional collections $$ to your agency!

In turn your clients see increased liqiudation rates.


Non-compete contracts with clients.
DCRS nor any Law Firm will do business with your clients directly.